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T99 - First Minister Ashanti's Resignation speech

In the first session of the new senate following the elections, Senator Danso Ashanti formally resigned as First Minister.

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T99 - 3211 Election Results - Council of Senators

Election results are in, and the Imperial Party has won a historic victory, gaining over half the seats in the Senate. This is the first time for decades that any party has had an overall majority of the Senate, and heralds a change in the way the Imperium has been operating.

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T99 - 3211 Election Results - Council of Representatives

The 3211 elections for the Council of Representatives has seen the continued rise of the Imperial Party whose support grew considerably during and Exterminator War, and the continued decline of the Citizens Party - hit again most recently by the return of the Alien Menace. 3211 has also seen the collapse of the Republicans as many of the younger members join the Real Republicans supporting calls from within the GFA against the RNV.

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T98 - First Citizen - happy anniversary

3211 sees the 33rd Anniversary of First Citizen Rathbone's accession. If Rathbone, whose health has been the subject of much recent speculation, is still in office on his 35th Anniversary he will be the second longest serving First Citizen overtaking First Citizen Del Monte who died just one week shy of his 35th Anniversary almost 200 years ago.

T96 - Earth re-establishes Diplomatic Relations with MAFC

dateline: New Mars, 3211.194

On the eve of the inter-polity Summit at New Mars, the Solar Republic and Empire and Martian Association of Free Colonies re-established diplomatic relations. Former Senator Drakkir Hands, currently Vice-Chancellor at the University of Old Mars in the Sol system, has been named as Martian Ambassador to Earth.

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