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This page is an attempt to list all the personalities that have cropped up in the universe campaign over the last ten years or so. Of course it will only pick up a few of those, but it is a start point.

There is also a Who's Who, but that just tells you the name of current postholders at the top of the tree, I want this section to have what is known of people's biographies and any previous posts, even if they are no longer in office and even if they are relatively minor characters.

Recent Additions

Lt. Jacob 'Crackers' Kampf

Earther marine officer, formerly of the 130th Earther Marine Regiment. Wanted criminal having escaped custody for unspecified crimes. Played by James.

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Chairman William Jackson

From the Free Worlds Alliance, former High Admiral and current Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers. Played by Eric.

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Stephen Bailey

Earther. A leading figure in the Imperium's cultural life, Lord Bailey has had a rich and distinguished career in broadcasting, journalism, the arts and public service. [Played by James].

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Angeline Floralpattern

From the Republic of Z155, General Angeline Floralpattern was the Commander of the Z155 Crusader Corps. She is an NPC.

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d M Y H:i

Darius Zehring

Deadlock politician and religious leader. An NPC.

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