T75 - Massive Expansion of IEN?

The defence review is about to report and the advance briefings are suggesting a huge expansion in the IS component of the IEN over the next few years.

More IS Ships

The exact nature of the recommendations in the review aren't being leaked, somewhat unusually as advance press briefing is normal by the IEN. There is some speculation amongst those close to IEN sources that suggest that it must be being kept very secret indeed as the rumours are very disparate. For example we've heard the following bits of rumour:

  • only 2 more SABI will be built to complete an 8 vessel squadron
  • no more SABI will be built because the First Minister sees no operational value in them
  • SABI will become the backbone of two new anti-exterminator fleets of 200 CF each
  • the DDI fleet will expand (double to triple is the range of estimates) to allow one DDI per system plus a strategic reserve
  • More CAIs will be built disproportionately as they can do 2g comfortably
  • a 2g version of the MPSI will become the replacement for most CVIs
  • All the shipyards will turn to commercial shipbuilding and churn out cheap Class 5000 merchants to try and boost the economy
  • Interplanetary vessels other than HBB and MPS will be converted to IS versions.
  • The IP fleet will be decommissioned and replaced by IS vessels.
  • The IP fleet will double in combat value, made up entirely of HBB and MPS.
  • Large war reserves will be built up by mothballing huge numbers of ships at Sol.

Who knows what will come out of it all. Perhaps the fleet will even get smaller, but given the news that the Imperium has pulled out of SALT the money has to be on a much expanded fleet.

dateline: 3208.315


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