T74 - Termination of Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty

dateline 3208.298

The First Minister today told the Senate that the Empire would not have its security constrained by artificial limits and the Empire would therefore withdraw from the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with immediate effect. The other signatories have been notified.

Notification of other signatories


President Anton Dec, MAFC
President Alphie Potato, GFA
President Andrei Kudriavy, RNV


Deputy First Minister
First Space Lord

Date: 3208.296


The Empire will be withdrawing from the provisions of SALT with immediate effect. In practice we do not expect to be in breach of the current limits under current build plans.

On coming into office I initiated a thorough defence review and I do not intend the security of the Empire or Humanity to have to be bound by artificial limits. It will be necessary to build significant numbers of vessels to take offensive action against the HEBs.

Additionally it is clear that there is no wish on the part of either the RNV or MAFC to enter into a non-aggression agreement with the Empire. However I remain ready to agree a mutual non-aggression treaty with any polity, regardless of size, at any time.


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