Jim Wallman's Universe

This is a wiki stub for stuff to do with Jim Wallman's universe which is a persistent game environment set in the future. It has a number of roleplaying campaigns and also several specific rule sets for playing wargames.

Humanity Will Prevail

These items relate directly to the ongoing e-mail campaign.

General Universe Background

Miscellaneous bits here to do with the Universe include:

Interstellar Freelance Unlimited

Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists used to support the play by e-mail games mentioned above. These are run using mailman and so have a web interface for managing your subscription as well as publicly accessible web archives. These are the publicly accessible mailing lsits, there are some others but those are by invitation only.

Other material may well feature on occasion.

this page is a game resource for Jim Wallman's Humanity Will Prevail play by e-mail game.
None of the material on this domain is canon unless Jim says so.
skirmish rules for infantry battles
full blown combat with battalion plus units including air assets and armoured vehicles
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