T99 - 3211 Election Results - Council of Senators

Election results are in, and the Imperial Party has won a historic victory, gaining over half the seats in the Senate. This is the first time for decades that any party has had an overall majority of the Senate, and heralds a change in the way the Imperium has been operating.

Negotiations on First Minister Appointment

New members of the Council of Senators have been chosen during the second quarter (by 3211.201). But, unusually no decision has yet been reached on the post of First Minister. This is believed to be the result of factional infighting within the strengthened Imperial Party who are seeking alliances with smaller groupings over two or more possible candidates. This will eventually be followed by the selection of new Ministers, Governors and Ambassadors.

3211 has seen some significant developments in the CoS. The Imperial Party, for the first time in several decades, holds a majority share of the Senate. Such a large share is unusual and has historically represented a peak of power from which there has almost always been a rapid decline. But, for the time being no other party is now able to come close to competing with the Imperial Party. The Citizen Party has suffered a further heavy defeat and seen itself shrink to a third tier grouping. The Populists, who suffer from their own in built divisions seem to hold a significant balance of power but they are too easily picked apart by clever politics. The Republicans appear to have recovered some ground and stemmed their decline, and moreover have managed to marginalise the more radical so-called Real Republicans in the Senate (despite the latter's significant gains in the Council of Representatives).

Senate Seats by party

Party 3201 3206 3211
Imperial 41 46 51
Citizens 23 16 11
Populist 8 14 16
Republicans 15 4 9
Real Republicans 4 9 5
Independents 9 11 8

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