T74 - Hooray Henry!!

Rumour has it that the First Citizen's favourite son is off on his annual 'pilgrimage' to the ancient city of Las Vegas.

House of Pleasure

Hooray Henry's itinerary is said to include a trip to the Great White Elephant casino and an evening of sybaritic indulgence in Madame Frou Frou's House of Pleasure, said to be the heart of scandal when the MAFC ambassador was caught there fifteen years ago with a Senator's daughter. Not that Henry had any involvement in that of course.

Dear Henry's aides deny all this of course and are sticking to the same old boring story that “this week the Deputy First Minister, Sebastian Rathbone, will be making his annual pilgrimage to the 500 year old Seesars palace in the ancient city of Las Vegas. During the visit he hopes to have an audience with Her Tranquility Dolores Pieta XIV and to renew his vows to the Universal Church.”

They also add that he will also be attending a seasonal BBQ held by his Father on his Hawaiian Enclave. President Potato is also believed to be in attendance at the latter event.

Believe what you want, but the rumours are just that bit more interesting…


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