T73 Q0 IEN Official Communiqué - Further Action at Amoss Q6

The IEN attempted to prevent an SSRN landing but were prevented from doing so by the intervention on the side of the SSRN by the RNVN. Orders for a Board of Inquiry into the lack of offensive spirit by the IEN Admirals present have been issued.

Sitrep as at 3208.218

A number of communications have been received from Amoss and Q6. A summary of the situation and recent events as at 3208.218 was as follows:

On 3208.184 the Sirian 10th Fleet arrived at Amoss M25 and immediately burned for the colony world.

This caused a flurry of activity as the existing stand-off between the IEN 22nd Battle Fleet and the Venerian/SSR 'peacekeeping force' appeared likely to be broken. Much diplomatic traffic ensued as the Sirian fleet burnt towards the colony world with the incoming Sirians insisting that they are there to keep the peace and the Amossian Government and Earth forces becoming increasingly concerned.

On arrival in orbital space (3208.195) the SSR 10th fleet immediately initiated assault landings on the main continent. Earth forces attempted to intervene, but the presence of Venerian warships in company with the SSR fleet, ostensibly to 'keep the peace' required caution on the part of our commanders.

The balance of main combat forces in Amossian orbital space at this point were:

  • SSR/RNV Forces: 3 battleships, 8 carriers and 2 Heavy Cruisers
  • Earther 22BF / 6CF: 3 Battleships, 5 carriers and 4 heavy cruisers

The Earth command on the spot had been ordered to oppose the SSR - especially any attempted landings but not to start a war with the RNV. Nevertheless the Earth forces attempt to interfere with the assault landings and pacifier dogfights ensued, even though the IEN was at an 8:5 disadvantage, and the fleet withdrew without engaging with main batteries. Pacifier losses on both sides were significant.

The Sirian assault landings were largely successful and there was heavy fighting on the planet between two attacking SSR GF Divisions and an outnumbered but determined defending force of Amossian troops, who were reasonably equipped but under-trained. The ground fighting was prolonged and quite bloody. IEN ships in orbit could not effectively intervene as to do so would make them vulnerable to space attack.

When 21 BF (under Admiral Philips - 2 BBI, 4 CVI, 2 CAI) arrived it burnt to the colony world to join the other IEN forces. They immediately attempted to clear the Sirian forces from Amoss orbit so that they could no longer support their ground troops.

IEN forces now have unquestioned orbital superiority and both the Venerian and SSR forces withdrew without a fight to the M25 taking the bulk of their ground troops with them (they had time to do this while the incoming fleet was burning from the M25) - leaving a lot of hardware in the hands of SSR-loyalists planetside to continue the civil war - which is now raging somewhat.

The Von Strucker government has asked for Earther GF forces to help with pacification.


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