T74 - Armstrong's Auditors

The Special Audit Squadron is in hyperspace, and the rumour is it will be visiting Governor Armstrong in Q6. Apparently that shipyard wasn't authorised…

Armstrong 'Out of Control'

Apparently the reason that our man at the ToOL summit didn't fight back when the Treens said that Armstrong was 'out of contro' was because it was true. The rumour is that the First Citizen personally directed the deployment of the IAO to conduct a full audit in Q6 after being briefed by Imperial Intelligence.

Speculation is rife that there was a meeting of Downfall 6, a special imperial committee convened only when treason or rebellion is suspected. The last time that it was acknowledged that a downfall committee was convened was Downfall 17 back when the treens were revolting (in the sense of being rebellious that is). Although some people think that there have been a few other instances since then, most recently Downfall 3 just in advance of the Vision AI crisis a few years ago.

dateline 3208.299


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