T75 - Hope for the Heart of Humanity

Dateline 3208.345, Earth

The First Minister addressed the Senate to appeal for an end to mindless rhetoric and to affirm the Earth Empire's non-aggression to other human states.

The Full Speech


There are those amongst humanity's leaders that would submerge us all in fear, uncertainty and doubt; stoking the furnaces of paranoia and pointing out the differences rather than the commonalities.

I am not one of those leaders.

The end of ToOL and SALT has seen diplomatic revenge against the Empire. We are not going to play such childish games; and there will be no tit for tat expulsions. All the SALT observers are welcome to stay within the Empire for as long as they wish, and all polities are welcome to send military and diplomatic observers to the Empire. Only by being here they will come to understand the Empire.

I believe that we should act in the best interests of humanity. Earth is the home of humanity; and we have always acted so. There is no greater evidence of this than the sacrifices of the IEN in the common defence. The IEN were the first navy to engage the Exterminators and destroy an enemy super battleship, although not without losses. My own sister commanded one of the IEN ships that survived that engagement.

Over the period of the Exterminator War the IEN put its full commitment to defeating the common enemy of humanity. When they re-appear there is no question that we will not do exactly the same again. We cannot afford any possibility that we are not ready for a return of the Exterminators; or any other external threat.

At this time, despite much empty rhetoric and sabre rattling, there is no threat from any human polity to the Empire. I do not foresee that there will be such a threat in the near future. Nor does the Empire present a threat to any polity, regardless of how they may see us. The days of interstellar war between humans are over. There will be no wars of conquest or subjection, nor will there be any petty adventurism. At least not by the Empire while I am First Minister.

Earth will defend itself, and it will defend humans everywhere who ask for our assistance. We will not stand by and watch genocide happen, nor will we pass by on the other side of the street when people obviously need help. But all we will do is offer assistance, if it is turned down we will respect the wishes of system governments. If it is accepted we will deliver what is asked for if it is within our power to do so and the High Laws of the Imperium are respected.

I want to set a shining example to people everywhere. I want all leaders to become shining beacons of hope. I know that this is unlikely. There are those that are jealous of what we have, and who feel threatened by our presence. There are those that would oppose anything if we suggested it, no matter how reasonable or sensible that proposal is. But we don't repress our critics. We don't suppress the dissenters. We don't crush those that wish to break free. That is what makes us strong.

One day there will be understanding amongst humans. We must do all in our power to help that to come sooner rather than delaying it.


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