T74 - President Potato visits Earth

dateline: 3208.255

President Potato of the Greater Federation of Asteel was today met by the First Minister in Earth Orbit. The president arrived in his star yacht escorted by the gold plated vessels of the Imperial Guard Squadron.

Flying First Minister

The First Minister himself flew one of the pacifiers in the Squadron that met President Potato's yacht just as it docked. He said on landing that it reminded him of his youthful days flying Pacifiers in the Imperial Flight.

There is a full itinerary of visits to Earth for President Potato including discussions over the Amoss Crisis, renewal of the Treaty of Old London and the Strategic Starship Arms Limitation Treaties. The President is also expected to meet with the First Citizen at a barbecue before beginning a tour of the Solar system.


3208.255 - arrive in Earth orbit met by First Minister having been escorted in by the gold battleships in the Imperial Squadron

3208.256/7 - Discussions between FM & POGFA. Based in FM reservation in West Africa (a private residence in the nature reserve park). POGFA to be enrolled as a Chief in the Asante nation and given a ceremonial stool.

3208.258 - Sightseeing on Earth

3208.259 - Visit to Havana for more discussions and local sightseeing.

3208.260 - President Potato's tour of the Solar System to start, accompanied by FM to Old Mars.


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