T74 Q0 - Baron Burwasher of Granyt is Appointed First Space Lord

dateline: 3208.280, Sol, Q0

The First Citizen is pleased to announce that Admiral Burwasher, the famed Exterminator Killer has been appointed to the post of First Space Lord.

Previous Service

Admiral Burwasher came to public fame as the commander of the IEN in Quadrant 7 when the Exterminators attacked. He lead the combined human fleets in the quadrant in forming an alliance to defeat the alien robot battleships together, it was his example that lead to the Combined Human Fleets being formed across human space. After a spell as Commander of all forces in the Eastern Marches he returned to Q0 to be the most senior adviser on strategy and methods of defeating the Exterminators. He will take up post immediately.

Other Senior Appointments

Admiral of the White Puzo, currently CHIF Commander in Q0, is appointed as CINC Q6 to succeed Admiral of the White Tendashi who will be returning to Q0. Admiral Puzo's appointment to take effect from 3208.300.

Vice Admiral Sir Coinneach Odhar of Brahan will succeed Admiral Sir George Tryon as Director INI. Sir Coinneach is currently the Deputy Director and has been acting Director since Admiral Tryon took over as Second Space Lord. His promotion to Vice Admiral is effective from 3208.001.

Rear Admiral Winthrop, currently the IEN representative to the ToOL Strategic Committee, will level transfer to a Deputy Director post within the Admiralty. His transfer is effective from 3208.300.

Captain Yaw Dumgya Ashanti, currently a pacifier wing commander in the Imperial Guard Squadron, is appointed on promotion to Flag Captain as the IEN Observer of the ToOL Strategic Committee. Her appointment is effective from 3208.300


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