New Constructions to 3208.049

~~DISCUSSION~~ The IEN will shortly be commissioning several new ships that have recently completed construction.

The following vessels will be commissioned before 3208.049

  • ESS Adventurer (SCI) built by SY Solent (Sol L4)
  • ESS National Enquirer (SCI) built by SY Solent (Sol L4)
  • ESS Deucalion (SCI) built by CSY Alpha (Sol S4)
  • ESS Pyrrha (SCI) built by CSY Alpha (Sol S4)
  • ESS Enkidu (SSI) built by UOX

ESS Adventurer and National Enquirer will be transferred to Q6, Deucalion and Pyrrha to Q7 to replace C5A currently in the colonial fleets. On arrival of the remaining SCIs being built to replace the current vessels in the QDF scout fleets those C5As currently deployed there will return to the Star Guard. The transition is expected to be complete before the end of 3208 (in T73).

Keels were laid down for two new semi-automatic battleships at SY Solent and two at CSY Alpha (Sol S4) in addition to the two recently started at UOX shipyards under contract for the IEN. These vessels are expected to be commissioned for operational training at Sol by 3210.049.

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