T75 - SRE to Withdraw from Treaty of Old London

dateline 3208.325

The Deputy First Minister announced today in the Senate that the Solar Republic and Earth Empire will withdraw from the Treaty of Old London with effect from 3208.400.

ToOL Undermined

It is with great regret that the Solar Republic and Empire is announcing its intention to unilaterally suspend its signatory status of the Treaty of Old London as at the end of 3208. This treaty has become undermined by those signatories who can no longer be trusted to value it for its contribution to the common defence of Humanity against the Exterminators. Instead these polities have sought to regard it as a forum for grand-standing and show-casing.

IEN Continues to Protect Humanity

Earth intends to continue to contribute military forces to the four CHFs at the level proposed by the treaty and to establish MOUs with the local Fleet commanders for the full sharing of all relevant intelligence and the concerted use of force against all external threats against any human systems.

Earth will be withdrawing its contribution from the scouting fleets which it no longer considers to be of significant benefit.

Observer Status at Summits

Earth hopes to continue to send observers to the ToOL Summits, and Liaison Officers to the JAC HQs and to the Grand Strategic Council (as per other non-signatories, and the MDF. Earth will continue to review its position on the basis of these observations and hopes that at some point in the near future the Treaty will again resume its originally intended role.

I have invited Ambassadors of all other signatories to the Foreign Office to discuss the details of this announcement if they so wish.

[The speech was met largely in silence, with the occasional outbreak of “here here”]


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