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In the back rooms of the Senate building there has been a lot of building support for Earth pulling out of the Treaty of Old London. The recent summits have all been used to bash Imperial policy.

Not Fit For Purpose

There have been attacks on several fronts on the treaty. IEN sources have been saying that it is not able to support concerted offensive action against the builders of the alien robotic battleships. They have also been heard saying that it also excludes a large number of the independent human systems, many of which have been banding together for self-defence. While these small systems can't afford to operate capital ships they may be able to run some of the scout vessels and perhaps even club together to improve local defence.

On the diplomatic side the Foreign Office lobby has been talking about the recent summits and the views from the other polities about Earth. There has been a marked reluctance by anyone to agree with anything we propose, even when it is very reasonable. This opposition is, unsurprisingly, lead by the Venerians, Sirians and Martians. Even those polities that we remain friendly with won't speak up in our favour. Going along to summits to receive a kicking when we are the largest contributors to humanity's defence just doesn't seem sensible.

Defending Humanity

Pulling out of ToOL wouldn't stop us showing an example in defending humanity. We could carry on doing it on our own terms. The MDF have already set a precedent for contributing to the collective defence without being part of the ToOL structure or signing the treaty. The view is that Earth should take the same tack.

We will maintain fleets for the collective defence and share intelligence on possible exterminator attacks with our allies. We would also react to any attack and co-operate with other human fleets. However IEN vessels would remain under IEN command.

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