T74 Q0 - GFA President Brokers IEN Agreement to Withdrawal From Amoss

dateline Sol 3208.260

President Alphie Potato and the First Minister Danso Ashanti have had fruitful discussions on a range of issues during the GFA President's visit to Earth and his tour of the Solar System. Principally amongst these discussions was the crisis in Q6.

Alphie's assurances

Over two days of private discussions President Potato used all his charms on the First Minister and persuaded him that the GFA Navy could successfully hold the military blockade at Amoss where the Venerians had failed. The First Minister agreed that given the personal assurances of President Potato he would give the orders for the IEN in Q6 to vacate the Amoss M25.

On being asked at the press conference on Old Mars about the rumours that there had been leaks by the Admiralty that the GFA had threatened to fire on IEN vessels the First Minister said “I don't believe a word of it, some people would like to see Alphie and me fall out, they're just jealous of the special relationship between the people of Earth and the GFA”.

NOTES FOR EDITORS 1. The First Minister had a tonne of chocolate mousse and a jacuzzi specially installed on his family estate in West Africa for the GFA President's visit.

2. While visiting the First Minister the GFA President was presented with a golden stool as commemoration of his visit. Historically chiefs from this part of Africa used to sit on special stools and the paramount chief of the nation had a special golden stool.


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