This is a list of some of the characters that I have created to include in Yngvild & Noren.

Primary Characters

  • yngvild - the (unreliable) narrator of the story
  • noren - the title character
  • old_bjorn - the mentor & leader of the fishing village of Straven
  • lady_helga - Yngvild's mother & Second Sea Lord.

People on Straven

I haven't named every one of the people on Straven, but some of the more notable ones are:

Other People

Ship crews

King's Ship Seagull


  • bo_thu_mayat - Captain of the Mangandalese ship Chantara
  • Maung_Yaza_Lin - translator for the Chantara
  • arald - A mysterious man from the South that came to Straven to ask questions aboard the Chantara.

in Kronstadt

Kronstadt is the de facto capital of Skyss.


  • alfarinn - Noren's elusive mother
  • alfinna - a sister of Noren, who acts as Alfarinn's mouthpiece
  • oddmundr - Yngvild's father, the previous wielder of Jafnadr the Sword
  • rojden - Noren's thoroughly disreputable father
  • major_duerte - Major Duerte, another young dark haired man with a swarthy skin tone. He looked slim and fit, and was dressed in a tight-fitting blue tunic covered in silver lace that looped across his chest and stomache around two rows of silver buttons that formed a V from his waist to shoulders. He had tightly fitted pine green trews on, with brown leather reinforcing the seat and inner thighs. The trews had a line of silver lace either side of the seams. This was all set off with a silver embroidered waist belt with a curved sword in a shiny metal scabbard. On his head he wore a conical helmet with a brim, cheek pieces and a wide neck flap. The cheek pieces were tied up just behind a white horse hair tuft on the top of the helmet.
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