One of the older heroes, descended from children of both Jorunn and Fafnir. She's reputed to also be descended from the elves that frequented the forests of grunwald. In her true form she is a slightly built woman a little over five foot tall. Her green eyes sparkle mischievously under long waves of burning orange hair. Her arms and legs are well-defined, curved with muscle, and she has a hard body used to exercise.

She is the mother of many children, but famously only of daughters. She's at least 500 years old, but very strongly of divine blood, such that her apparent age is in her mid-thirties. She is usually found in a group of women, with one female child.

Alfarinn travels around, rarely settling anywhere for long. She's fond of nature and often winters in a forest in the southern lands where it is warmer. When the time comes for her to want another child she returns to civilisation and seeks out a deserving man to be the father of her next child. Once she's pregnant she returns to her nomadic ways with her daughters.

The daughters usually stay with their mother, although most will spend a decade or so exploring the world. A number of them have settled down in places with partners and raised their own families. Often though they end up back with Alfarinn.

Her children and grandchildren include:

  • amma - Born 500. Daughter of an unknown dark-skinned sailor from the Southern Isles. A Board of Trade agent, killed in mysterious circumstances in 612. Mother of Abayomi
    • Abayomi grandson of Alfarinn, a Board of Trade agent from 611 until his death in 738
    • Inibrakemi daughter of Abayomi and Funere, born in the Southern Isles but grew up in kronstadt. A Board of Trade Agent known for taking the form of a large seabird.
  • Alwilda - Born 550. She spent a couple of decades exploring the world before settling in the Cloud Islands with Tana Otago. Together they had four daughters and established a dynasty that rules the island they settled on. Alwilda still lives, revered as The Mother, amongst the people of the Cloud Islands.
  • Aljota b.575 in the Temple of Clewg at Estreham, near minhaton in the cobre_mountains. Her father was one of the last initiates in the secret order of Clewg. She has three daughters, Carljota (b.671), Carla (b.689) and Clarinna (b.703). They all live in Estreham, not far from the temple.
  • Adalaug b.600. Lives nomadically with Alfarinn, like her mother she chooses worthy men to father her daughters. All four have fathers from different parts of the world, mostly merchants, apart from the eldest where Adalaug travelled to the Sunward Continent and took a local shaman as her lover while she learnt their secrets.
  • Alfrida b.625
  • Alfor b.650
  • Alfauda b.675
  • Alfbjorg b.700
  • Alfinna b.725
  • Noren b.750
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