Aodh MacAodh

Aodh is the proprietor of the water_gate in Dalreoch. As well as purveying fine wines, ales of the best, and delicacies from across the known world, he is also reputed to be a spy, assassin and smuggler. Born in 739 in Dalreoch, the son of Earsaid MacAodh.


They are in the story

  • First appears - in Arrivals, a short story in the 'Heirs' outline.
  • Function: a point of view character to show some of the background of what is going on in the city around the events involving the nobility.


Aodh is a flame haired man with a pale complexion, he's solid but not fat and a little taller than average. In the right clothes he can pass as a noble. Equally he blends in well in a range of circumstances, and is able to speak several languages and pitch both low-born and noble and everywhere in between.



Notable people

  • gilruary - The Gilruary clan often use The Water Gate when they stay in Dalreoch, and the MacAodh are a client sept of the Gilruary.


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