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Yngvild Helgasdotir

Yngvild is also known as Yngvild the Fierce, and she's the title and POV character for Fierce. She was adopted into Old Bjorn's household on Straven. Her biological parents were lady_helga and oddmundr. Oddmundr weilded Jafnadr the Sword before Yngvild was born.


Yngvild is about 24 during the events of Fierce. She has long red hair, pale skin and blue eyes. That said, she is a shapeshifter and she can look like anything she can imagine and over the course of the story she takes several forms, mostly human.


Her favourite colour is red, with green a close second.


Yngvild made her own shield as a teenager, with the help of Old Bjorn. It's a slightly curved rectangular shield that covers knees to shoulder.


Gifted to her by Old Bjorn her amulet is in the shape of a silver coin attached to a silver chain. “It looked freshly minted and polished, shinier than most silver coins I'd seen. Not that I'd seen very many. The side facing me had the standard crest of Skyss, a circle of nine circles, gold coins when painted, and crossed axes in the middle with a boat prow underneath. Usually a blue circle with coloured paint. The boat was green and the axes red. This coin had a small hole drilled where the top-most of the nine coins went. Old Bjorn turned the coin round. The other side had the face of the Goddess Malfin. The runes Bjorn had cut round the edge read “Malfin, guide and protect your loyal servant and champion Yngvild the Fierce, Helgasdottir and Keeper of Secrets”.

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