Old Bjorn

The boat captain of the first boat on Straven. He's the adoptive father of both Yngvild Helgasdotir and Noren.

His current partner is Helga the Red and they live above the main hall on Straven.

Bjorn Johansson is by far the oldest resident of Straven, no-one is quite sure exactly how old he is. What is clear is that he's much older than everyone else. Hence the monniker Old Bjorn.

Some time in the past Bjorn Johansson was a King's Messenger, and then a King's Justice. In his sanctuary in the loft space there are some relics from that life. When the seagull first docks at Straven the Captain calls him The Counter of Battles.

His battle gear is plain black, with white tally marks around the outside of the shield. There are many tally marks on the shield, rumours differ. Some say these are the battles he's been in, others the number of people he's killed, and a few think they're the women that he's loved.

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