Iain Alpin

Iain Alpin (born 735) is the commander of the King's Life Guard.

He has served in the Life Guard since he was 17, having first served Queen Caoimhe. Originally appointed because of his father’s connections he took the oath of service seriously and has refused to be swayed by political considerations. When his father deposed the Queen he took up arms against him. There were several battles in the civil war, and Iain Alpin was in all of them. He fought valiantly, and dsitinguished himself both as a brave and fearless fighter, but also as highly skilled and disciplined. More than one heir of the great nobles met their end at his hands. Eventually Iain followed when the Queen went out of Dael Riata to Berenicia, and helped her find what she had hoped would be safety and solidarity from her cousin.

He continued to serve her until the Berenician Queen had her and her attendants arrested. Iain spent almost ten years in Berenicia before returning to Dalreoch. Out of favour with his father he didn’t hold much hope for being restored to his position, but the young King personally intervened and said he needed loyal servants that could be relied on. Rumours suggested that his father’s enemies manoeuvred events so that the King would look favourably on him. Either way he re-entered the Life Guard in 766, and became its commander in 569 when the King asserted his adulthood and right to rule without a regent. Iain rallied several other members of the Life Guard to support the King against the nobles, and refused to let the erstwhile regents interfere in the King’s in person proclamation of his personal rule in the Gallows Market in Dalreoch.

Gender1) Hero Allegiance Role Age2)
Male Yes Dael Supporting born 735


They are in the story

  • First appears - in Heirs when Lady Elizabeth Wallis arrives in Dalreoch.
  • Function: commander of the King's Life Guard, part of the reception party.


Iain Alpin is slightly taller than average, but not excessively so. His skin is pale, to the point of looking anaemic, and he has black hair with blue eyes flecked with gold. He is usually clean shaven, albeit with a notable shadow for most of the day. He wears his hair long, usually braided and tucked into his helmet. His profession means he is muscular, and broad. Most of the time he is in armour, and carrying sword and shield. The Life Guard work in shifts, and train hard and take part in tournaments between duties protecting the King. Like all of the members of the Life Guard his armour is highly polished, and they have coloured horsehair plumes on top of their helmets according to their division. As the commander he has a side to side semi-circular brush of green hairs to match the colour of the King’s banner. His helmet and cuirasse is enamelled in the same green with gold patterns inlaid around it. Iain is agile, his muscle isn’t bulky, it’s enough to enable him to wear armour all day and fight for as long as needed. When not in armour he is a proficient dancer, skilled in even the most difficult dances of the day. He can also play the pipes, having learned in captivity with Queen Caoimhe. She enjoyed dancing, and her attendants used to take turns entertaining her with the dances that were popular at court, and playing instruments to ensure there was music to accompany the dancers. Out of armour he tends to wear the current court fashion cut in green silk and edged with gold lace. Like all of the other members of the Life Guard he is unmarried. Now, at the age of 39 he is one of the longest serving members of the Life Guard.



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