Major Duerte

A minor noble and an officer in the Cottalem Horse Guards. He's tasked as the liaison officer to escort Yngvild Helgasdotir when she is captured by Rojden.

Yngvild gives him the slip in a roadside inn on the way to the Citadel of Salicia. He is then tasked with leading a cavalry squadron in pursuit when she flees the Citadel with Noren, having dragged him away from Rojden.

Physical description

A young dark haired man with a swarthy skin tone. He looks slim and fit, dressed in a tight-fitting blue tunic covered in silver lace that looped across his chest and stomach around two rows of silver buttons that formed a V from his waist to shoulders. He had tightly fitted pine green trews on, with brown leather reinforcing the seat and inner thighs. The trews had a line of silver lace either side of the seams. This was all set off with a silver embroidered waist belt with a curved sword in a shiny metal scabbard. On his head he wore a conical helmet with a brim, cheek pieces and a wide neck flap. The cheek pieces were tied up just behind a white horse hair tuft on the top of the helmet.

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