Operation Hawkeye

Operation Hawkeye is classified TOP SECRET and was authorised personally by the previous Home Secretary shortly after the Hephaestus Scandal broke. Chief Inspector Sophia Young, leader of a specialist counter GM branch (CT12G) set up in 2046, was personally briefed by the Home Secretary in the presence of katy_coalfield.

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Those responsible for the disappearance of known Genetically Modified subjects from surveillance. It is not clear exactly who these people are or how they are operating.


Date Location Event
21 April 2046
Gare du Nord, Paris French police pick up three UK nationals behaving suspiciously at the Eurostar terminal.
22 April
Folkestone Border Command run biometrics and identify the three as GM subjects. CT12G are alerted and they are detained at Folkestone pending interrogation by CT12G.
14:00 Bedford Three suspects brought to CT12G station for interrogation. They are identified as Gertrude Schepping, richard_coutts, and mackay-chan
17:25 Bedford mackay-chan is arrested as a suspected facilitator of human trafficking. A search warrant is requested for his residence.
17:45 North London Inspector Howard arrives with a constable at the Schepping residence to implicate or eliminate Mrs Schepping from the enquiry.
18:30 Bedford A second search warrant is requested for the Schepping residence, and drone surveillance put over both addresses. CT12G mobilised on overtime, three full serials on duty.
20:00 East London Drone operators report six heat signatures at the Chan address, with unusually high levels of thermal insulation on the house.
21:15 Westminster National Police duty magistrate authorises the search warrants
22:30 Bedford CT12G move off ready for the searches.
22 April
East London A further update from drone operations informs the team that there is a high bandwidth satellite uplink coming from the roof space of the Chan address. This is encrypted.
23 April
East London More drone units deployed in support of the searches at both locations.
00:15 Stratford CT12G arrive at staging area before deploying to each of the search areas.
02:50 North London Local police put cordon around Schepping residence. CT12G serial 2 (Insp. Hallam) searching.
02:50 Silverton Local police put cordon around Chan address. Ch. Insp. Young leading CT12G serials 1 & 3 searching.
02:59 Silverton Chief Inspector Sophia Young orders break in.
03:00 North London Entry to Schepping residence is unimpeded.
03:00 Silverton Initial attempts to force entry fail. The doors are reinforced.
03:03 Silverton CT12G gains entry to the house and comes under automatic gunfire, one officer is down.
03:03 North London peter_hallam reports Schepping residence uninhabited. Detailed search started.
03:04 Silverton After an exchange of fire Chief Inspector Sophia Young shoots dead an armed man.
03:05 Silverton An explosion occurs in the roof space of the house.
03:14 Silverton After much shooting inside the house a second explosion occurs in the basement area.
03:16 Silverton Chief Inspector Sophia Young calls cease firing to CT12G. London Fire Brigade are requested to provide assistance rescuing a CT12G officer trapped in the basement and putting out the fire.
03:17 Silverton LFB and ambulance service on scene (prep work had parked them two streets away as a precaution).
04:00 Silverton CT12G hand over the scene to forensics and leave for Bedford.
04:20 Westminster Chief Inspector Sophia Young reports in person to the duty officer at National Police HQ.
05:40 Westminster katy_coalfield briefs Home Secretary in person.
05:15 Silverton The forensics team identify the armed man shot dead as Mark Whitely, a Canadian mercenary.
06:30 Westminster National Police release entry footage of Silverton raid.
08:00 Bedford Overtime for CT12G finishes, serials 2 & 3 knock off (less the five members of serial 3 that are still in hospital for treatment).
09:30 Westminster katy_coalfield conducts press briefing on camera

NOW - the following are expected future events.

12:00 Bedford Serial 4 come on duty, relieving serial 1.
16:00 Silverton Preliminary forensics reports.
16:30 Bedford resumption of normal shift patterns
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