Schepping Residence

A modest terraced house in the Camden area of North London.

It is the registered address of Gertrude Schepping, a suspect in Operation Hawkeye.

Inspector Howard took a Constable with him to pick up Mrs Schepping in the early evening of 22 April. On arrival he found no one in. This was confirmed by drone recce using TI.

The neighbours didn't know the names of the people living next door but said that they hadn't seen them for a couple of weeks. On being asked for a description the neighbour said there were two men living there. The descriptions were rather vague so Howard showed them the pictures of Coutts and Chan. Chan was identified.

Search Warrant

A search warrant was also requested for this address and executed in the early hours of 23rd April 2046.

Detailed forensic results are not yet available, however the house was found to be empty of people.

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