22nd April Interrogations

Three suspects were interrogated by CT12G on 22nd April 2046 following their handover from Border Command at Folkestone. The interrogations were done under the provisions of Regulations on Police Evidence 2045.

Gertrude Schepping

Gertrude Schepping, GM, 16 and a juvenile.

She claimed that she had been kidnapped by the other two and that she wanted to see her Mum. She gave a name and address in North London for her mother that matched her last known address. She said that her mum thought she was staying over with a school friend. However she'd intended to go clubbing with her erstwhile boyfriend Richard_Coutts (one of the two males in custody).

They'd met at St Pancras and Richard had brought the other man, known to both Richard and Gertrude as Chan) with him. They'd got on the Eurostar train to Paris rather than the Brighton Express she'd been expecting. She had remonstrated with the two men when they got on the train but had reluctantly agreed to stay on the train until Paris.

On arrival in Paris she had again argued with the men because she wanted to return on the next train. This argument attracted the attention of the gendarmerie. The initial exchange was in confused and rapid french which her terminal translation filter didn't catch. However she had communicated her discomfort and wish to return to a place of safety.

Richard Coutts

Richard_Coutts, GM, 19 years old and a philosophy student, was next to be interrogated. He stayed silent initially. Chief Inspector Young broke him though. He denied kidnapping but admitted to wishing to relocate to Switzerland with the love of his life, Gertrude Schepping. He admitted that he had been seeing her for 18 months 3 weeks and 2 days. However he denied that there had been anything improper about their relationship.

He claimed to have first met Chan in the Marquis of Granby off Tottenham Court Road about three weeks earlier. Chan had suggested to him that he could get Coutts and Schepping out of the country to Switzerland. Coutts had paid him about £20k for this service. He'd got some of the money from his allowance and had sold some of his possessions to raise the remainder. He hadn't told Schepping about the plan nor had he asked many questions of Chan. He claimed that England was no longer safe for people like him because of people like the Chief Inspector.

George Chan

Chan-Mackay. He was a much slippier character than the other two, and although no specific record showed up for him he clearly had experience of police interrogation.

He claimed not to know his birth name because he was adopted by Mr and Mrs Mackay from Lairg in Scotland. Running a more detailed biometric search showed lots of 70% matches and 7 more high confidence matches all of which looked substantially similar. It was remarked that Chan's facial features were remarkably bland and generic looking. This prompted suspicion in CI Young that he'd had work done to disguise who he was. He was promptly arrested. A search warrant was arranged for his home address.

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