CT12G doesn't appear on any published or charts for security reasons.

Chain of Command

CT is lead by Commander Coalfield, a close personal friend of the Minister for Policing. She went to university with the Minister and shared a house with him. They both studied law, he became a barrister and she pursued a police career.

Chief Inspector Young leads CT12G and reports directly to Commander Coalfield, bypassing the Superintendent who is not cleared for the activities of CT12G. This is unusual and has contributed to CT12G's reputation with the Command.


Amongst CT personnel CT12G has a reputation for not following proper police procedures and for using questionable tactics. Certainly the recruitment process it uses is neither fair nor open. All of its personnel have been hand picked by either Commander Coalfield or the Inspectors.

Despite the reputation CT12G have the highest clear up rate in CT and none of their convictions have been overturned on appeal.


CT12G has four Inspectors, six sergeants and 43 constables. One of the Inspectors leads a cyber support and intelligence serial. The other three serials have one sergeant and ten constables and are armed response and riot trained. They operate as specialist arrest teams and conduct the intelligence driven raids.


Every member of CT12G has been specially selected for the role. They all have the highest level security clearance, and the majority of them also have another reason why they are in CT12G. Many of them had poor disciplinary records prior to joining CT12G, yet nothing since then.

Nominal roll


The primary purpose is the tracking down and apprehension into preventative custody of the missing GM subjects1). Their current activities come under Operation Hawkeye.

NB they are never referred to as people by CT12G personnel - subjects or targets
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