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There are several namespaces operating slightly different wiki subjects. These are, in no particular order:

  • Skyss - Story Background - a fantasy novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2016.
  • Perfects - background for the near future story and some police roleplaying that I ran in that universe
  • Theocracy of Daprav - A D&D campaign that I ran with Glasgow University Games Society around 2002-3.
  • Jim Wallman's Universe - a roleplaying by e-mail campaign that I play in, this is an unofficial wiki and none of it is canon unless Jim says it is.
    • Interstellar Freelance Unlimited - subset of the Universe pages covering the activities of a mercenary company that we are currently roleplaying every Full Moon.
    • Earth Imperium pages. These cover the activities of the Government of the Solar republic (aka Earth Empire) in Jim's Humanity Will Prevail campaign, including the Earth Imperium News Items.
    • Free Worlds Alliance - covering the activities of another emerging polity in the Humanity Will Prevail campaign. Mostly contributed by Eric Moroney.
    • Universe Background - page collecting the various bits of background info that have come up in various e-mail discussions for the campaigns set in Jim Wallman's Universe.

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Born 719. Daughter of Abayomi and Funere, born in the Southern Isles but grew up in kronstadt. A Board of Trade Agent known for taking the form of a large seabird.

Her name literally means 'one who shapes destiny'. It's not Skyssian, but from the Southern Isles where her father lived for a time before she was born, and her mother was a native of the Southern Isles who followed her dad when he returned to Kronstadt.

Inibrakemi has a mixed heritage. Her eyes and hair are dark, almost jet black. She is blessed as a hero and is able to channel powers from both jorunn and fafnir. This makes her adept at finding people, lost things and want to right wrongs done to others.


One of the older heroes, descended from children of both Jorunn and Fafnir. She is the mother of many children, but famously only of daughters. She's at least 500 years old, but very strongly of divine blood, such that her apparent age is in her mid-thirties. She is usually found in a group of women, with one female child.

Alfarinn travels around, rarely settling anywhere for long. She's fond of nature and often winters in a forest in the southern lands where it is warmer. When the time comes for her to want another child she returns to civilisation and seeks out a deserving man to be the father of her next child. Once she's pregnant she returns to her nomadic ways with her daughters.

The daughters usually stay with their mother, although most will spend a decade or so exploring the world. A number of them have settled down in places with partners and raise their own families. Often though they end up back with Alfarinn.

Notable offspring include:

  • amma - One of the early Board of Trade agents, killed in mysterious circumstances in 612. Mother of Abayomi
    • Abayomi grandson of Alfarinn, a Board of Trade agent from 611 until his death in 738
    • Inibrakemi daughter of Abayomi and Funere, born in the Southern Isles but grew up in kronstadt. A Board of Trade Agent known for taking the form of a large seabird.

Arne the Slow

The steersman for the first boat on the island of Straven. Arne is the de facto second in command to Old Bjorn, and was the boat captain before Old Bjorn came to Straven. He's one of the oldest people on the island, and hugely experienced. There's little new to him, and he's very laconic. Speaks with a distinct island drawl.

His partner is Alwilda. They share one of the upstairs rooms overlooking the jetty in the new tenement that houses the main hall.

His shield bears a black snail on a blue field, with two wavy lines below.

Old Bjorn

The boat captain of the first boat on Straven. He's the adoptive father of both Yngvild and Noren.

His current partner is Helga the Red and they live above the main hall on Straven.

Bjorn Johansson is by far the oldest resident of Straven, no-one is quite sure exactly how old he is. What is clear is that he's much older than everyone else. Hence the monniker Old Bjorn.

Some time in the past Bjorn Johansson was a King's Messenger, and then a King's Justice. In his sanctuary in the loft space there are some relics from that life. When the seagull first docks at Straven the Captain calls him The Counter of Battles.

His battle gear is plain black, with white tally marks around the outside of the shield. There are many tally marks on the shield, rumours differ. Some say these are the battles he's been in, others the number of people he's killed, and a few think they're the women that he's loved.


Straven is a tiny settlement on an island about three or four square miles. Only a little of the island is cultivated, most of it is woodland or rough grazing for the sheep that the community keeps for their wool and milk.

Sketch map of Straven

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