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Iain Alpin

Iain Alpin (born 735) is the commander of the King's Life Guard.

He has served in the Life Guard since he was 17, having first served Queen Caoimhe. Originally appointed because of his father’s connections he took the oath of service seriously and has refused to be swayed by political considerations. When his father deposed the Queen he took up arms against him. There were several battles in the civil war, and Iain Alpin was in all of them. He fought valiantly, and dsitinguished himself both as a brave and fearless fighter, but also as highly skilled and disciplined. More than one heir of the great nobles met their end at his hands. Eventually Iain followed when the Queen went out of Dael Riata to Berenicia, and helped her find what she had hoped would be safety and solidarity from her cousin.

He continued to serve her until the Berenician Queen had her and her attendants arrested. Iain spent almost ten years in Berenicia before returning to Dalreoch. Out of favour with his father he didn’t hold much hope for being restored to his position, but the young King personally intervened and said he needed loyal servants that could be relied on. Rumours suggested that his father’s enemies manoeuvred events so that the King would look favourably on him. Either way he re-entered the Life Guard in 766, and became its commander in 569 when the King asserted his adulthood and right to rule without a regent. Iain rallied several other members of the Life Guard to support the King against the nobles, and refused to let the erstwhile regents interfere in the King’s in person proclamation of his personal rule in the Gallows Market in Dalreoch.

Gender2) Hero Allegiance Role Age3)
Male Yes Dael Supporting born 735

They are in the story

  • First appears - in Heirs when Lady Elizabeth Wallis arrives in Dalreoch.
  • Function: commander of the King's Life Guard, part of the reception party.


Iain Alpin is slightly taller than average, but not excessively so. His skin is pale, to the point of looking anaemic, and he has black hair with blue eyes flecked with gold. He is usually clean shaven, albeit with a notable shadow for most of the day. He wears his hair long, usually braided and tucked into his helmet. His profession means he is muscular, and broad. Most of the time he is in armour, and carrying sword and shield. The Life Guard work in shifts, and train hard and take part in tournaments between duties protecting the King. Like all of the members of the Life Guard his armour is highly polished, and they have coloured horsehair plumes on top of their helmets according to their division. As the commander he has a side to side semi-circular brush of green hairs to match the colour of the King’s banner. His helmet and cuirasse is enamelled in the same green with gold patterns inlaid around it. Iain is agile, his muscle isn’t bulky, it’s enough to enable him to wear armour all day and fight for as long as needed. When not in armour he is a proficient dancer, skilled in even the most difficult dances of the day. He can also play the pipes, having learned in captivity with Queen Caoimhe. She enjoyed dancing, and her attendants used to take turns entertaining her with the dances that were popular at court, and playing instruments to ensure there was music to accompany the dancers. Out of armour he tends to wear the current court fashion cut in green silk and edged with gold lace. Like all of the other members of the Life Guard he is unmarried. Now, at the age of 39 he is one of the longest serving members of the Life Guard.



Notable people


Alasdair V, King of Dael Riata

Alasdair Ranald is the King of Dael Riata, and the fifth of that name. His mother was the only child of Alasdair IV (reigned 700-739), and his father was a Skyssian merchant who spent some time in Dael Riata before escaping.


Alasdair Ranald holds several titles, including Grand Duke of Reoch, King of Dael Riata, and as such all the Earls of the Kingdom are expected to swear loyalty to him. He is a great grandson of King Harold VII of Bernicia (reigned 687-711, his grandmother was the second child. Alasdair V has a strong claim to the throne of Bernicia should the current Queen (Eleanor I - born 706, reigning since 756) die.

He is 20 years old (born 754), and is currently engaged to be married to Lady Elizabeth Wallis. She is the heir to the Earl of Stylet, the current secretary to the aging, and childless, Queen of Bernicia.

Size & Wealth

The Grand Duchy of Reoch is the largest realm within Dael Riata and it has some of the most fertile farmland. On top of that there are royal duties paid on trade that passes through the main ports. The capital is Dalreoch, the biggest city in the realm, with a population of around 25,000 and a flourishing trade network. It even has its own university.

Type Value
Ships 38
Infantry 48
Cavalry 14
Wealth income4) 4,858
treasury5) 2,459

Recent History

He has been King since he was three months old, and asserted his adulthood at the age of 15, having been through four regents in the time since his mother was forced to abdicate.

Since breaking free from the last of the regents (his second cousin Bhaltair Gilranald, Earl of Norpen, with whom he has a strong bond) Alasdair V has pacified the country and resolved the failure of fifth Earl of Uisdean to swear allegiance. The current, seventh, Earl of Uisdean has sworn an oath of allegiance, under duress as he claimed, after the threat of losing the family lands and extirpation being made.

Domnhall Murchadh and his brother Fearchar met the King and his Steward for a negotiation over dinner at Caer Suibhne, a neutral ground. The rules of hospitality were in force, and the Earl of Douglas was their host. After dinner the Suibhne family left the two parties to negotiate. Raised voices were heard, and the clash of steel. When the Earl of Douglas entered the great hall he found the King's Steward cleaning his sword, the King staunching blood from a wound to his face, and both of the Murchadh brothers dead on the floor, their drawn swords next to them. Alasdair V asserted that they'd tried to kill him, and only his Steward's swift defence had saved his life.

Allies, Friends & Lords
  • Bhaltair Gilranald - A cadet branch and very loyal, although some have questions around how the previous Earl, Bhaltair, conducted himself as Regent. Alasdair himself is fiercely protective of his elder cousin, and claims that were it not for his regency then the kingdom wouldn't be in such a healthy state.
  • ahearn - The Horse Lords are the strongest supporters of the King outside of the Ranald family.
  • Other reliable families that the King has a favourable view of include riata, sithech, and suibhne.
  • All the Earls have formally sworn allegiance to the King, and none are currently under arms within Dael Riata.
Enemies & Feuds
  • The Murchadhs - the Earls of Uisdean raised rebellion against his rule, and allegedly made a direct attempt on his life. Alasdair V threatened the current Earl of Uisdean, Diarmad Murchadh, with extirpation and loss of the ancestral lands if he didn't swear allegiance.
  • The King doesn't trust aonghus or The Alpins because both were allied with Murchadh during the civil wars that followed his mother being deposed.

The Murchadhs

The Murchadhs are Earls of Uisdean

The ancestral home is Caer Murchadh which is on the island of Uisdean Mor. They're a sea-faring folk and when they're not raiding abroad they are usually fishing in the inshore waters between the Easter Isles and the mainland of Dael Riata.


The current (7th) Earl is Diarmid Murchadh. He's a cousin of the 5th & 6th Earls, both murdered by the King because they refused to bend the knee.

Diarmid is 35 years old, and is currently married to Senga Riata (18). She is his second wife, and has recently given birth to a daughter. His previous wife (Niamh Sioltach) died in childbirth, his son survived.

  1. Diarmid (11)
  2. Caoimhe (6 months)
Size & Wealth

The Murchadhs are notable raiders, and much of their wealth comes from raiding. Apart from dried fish the only other notable export from their islands is the stone.

Type Value
Ships 12
Infantry 15
Cavalry 0
Wealth income6) 10
treasury7) 19

Recent History

Earl Domnhall was one of the leaders of the coalition that overthrew Queen Caoimhe because she was consorting with a Skyssian merchant and likely to bring Dael Riata under the control of one of the Skyssian factions. She was also trying to re-introduce the Skyssian gods to Dael Riata in place of the traditional Daelian gods that the small folk worshipped and the nobles had learnt to pray to. Domnhall had a claim to the throne through his mother, the younger sister of Alasdair IV.

Domnhall Murchadh and his brother Fearchar met the King and his Steward for a negotiation over dinner at Caer Suibhne, a neutral ground. The rules of hospitality were in force, and the Earl of Douglas was their host. After dinner the Suibhne family left the two parties to negotiate. Raised voices were heard, and the clash of steel. When the Earl of Douglas entered the great hall he found the King's Steward cleaning his sword, the King staunching blood from a wound to his face, and both of the Murchadh brothers dead on the floor, their drawn swords next to them. Alasdair V asserted that they'd tried to kill him, and only his Steward's swift defence had saved his life. You don't believe this story for a moment, your cousins had quarrelled with the King, but they wouldn't break hospitality. They hung one of their main lieutenants for that only a year ago.

Allies, Friends & Lords
  • sioltach - you have a good relationship, they supply the timber you use to build and maintain your ships.
  • gilruary - the Earl of Dalmuir has the biggest shipyards in the Kingdom, and some of the best shipwrights in the world. They build very fast ships, you have several of these.
  • aonghus - your southern neighbour, you sometimes raid together away from Dael Riata.
Enemies & Feuds
  • Bhaltair Gilranald - an usurper planted on your rightful lands by the notoriously fickle Queen Caoimhe. He was the one that set up the meeting between your cousin, the fifth Earl, and the King.
  • ranald - he killed your cousins, and threatened you with extirpation. Blood shed needs to be paid for, either with more blood, or a suitable fee.
  • ahearn - The horse lords in the south spurn the sea, and yet roll in the riches from fertile farmland, and bribes from the southern kingdom of Bernicia. They've kept Alasdair Ranald in power, and need to be discredited before he becomes King of Bernicia and forgets the smaller and poorer Dael Riata.


Dalreoch is the capital of Dael Riata.


They are in the story

  • First appears - it is the setting for the short story called 'Wedding Party', and possibly intended to form part of the setting for a 'Heirs' story.


Dalreoch is a not quite coastal city, on the river estuary of the River Reoch it was built on a rocky outcrop in the delta. Given the violent nature of Daelian history Dalreoch has multiple curtain walls around the King's Keep, the old town, the merchant city, and an outer bailey. Over the main channel from the dock is a forest actively managed for building ships. Several shipyards line one of the channels, known as 'the yards'.

There is a well established university on an island between the 'College Stream' and the Main Channel. Many of the nobles of Dael Riata have been educated there, and the 'Library Annex' is one of Dalreoch's notable taverns, famed for the quality of its wines - most of which are imported from southern cottalem through the university's ancient links with the University of Dacidade.



Notable people


There are several notable taverns in Dalreoch, the most famous of which are:

  • The King's Head - the oldest site of a tavern, but was used as a courthouse and prison during the time of Alasdair I.
  • The Library Annex
  • The Troll's Head - featuring an actual Troll Head on a pike above the main door
  • The Drum - notable for the frequent brawls
  • The Sore Heid - frequented by the Guild of Physicians
  • New Bridge Inn - one of the older continuously open taverns in Dalreoch, although not the oldest location of a tavern.
  • The Outside Inn - the second oldest tavern, just outside the Old West Gate.
  • The Wonky Wheel - just inside the Merchant's Gate.
  • The Bag O' Nails - on the Merchant's Road between the walls of the Merchant City and the Outer Bailey of Dalreoch.
  • The Full Purse - next to the Exchange in the centre of the Merchant City, famed for some of the excessive drinking when successful deals have been done.
  • The Bunch O' Grapes - just inside the Old North Gate, and a popular spot with the Barber Surgeons Guild.
  • The Water Gate - the only tavern in Dalreoch to have its own gate and jetty, rumoured to have been involved in smuggling into and out of the city at times. It is run by Aodh MacAodh an infamous character. A favoured haunt of the gilruary clan when they're in the city. Often one of their ships can be seen moored against the wall.
  • The Drovers' Rest - technically neither a tavern nor in the city, it lies over the river to the East on the road to the cattle market. However it hosts a lot of visiting drovers, and makes a convenient spot for those looking for cheaper accommodation.
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Bo Thu Myat

Captain of the Mangandlese trading ship Chantara. The Chantara called in at Straven just after the First Night celebration. As well as the crew it carried arald.


Bo Thu Myat was a little shorter than Noren. His clothes were a strange shimmering fabric, a special kind of Mangandlese silk. His head and face was shaved, he had brown eyes and skin the colour of ale.

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