Background to the Campaign

The The Theocracy of Daprav is an ideal state bordered by Barbarians, but it wasn't always this way. The God Daprav looks after his people and ensures that no-one goes hungry and that all have a part to play in the great wheel of life. In many aspects, male, female and both or neither, Daprav looks after the people and ensures that all goes according to his grand plan.

All citizens go through a community service programme in their late teens, usually shortly after their 16th birthday. They spend a year working on a variety of community projects and trying their hand at a range of skills to see what they get on best at. They also get tested for their ability with administration and at the end are selected for a suitable job.

A number of those finishing community service will then go on to join the church bureaucracy which needs an ever increasing number of people to aid it in holding back the barbarian hordes on the southern border as well as in the mammoth task of organising the state and ensuring that everyone gets a fair share of the produce of the country.

It is amongst these that we find the members of the party. They belong to a Ministry of Internal Affairs Patrol. These are an elite that are used for investigating incidents along the Southern border (and elsewhere). They are supported by Ministry troops that perform a more overt border guard role as well as dealing with occasional large scale incursions of bandits across the border.

At the start of the campaign the patrol are straight out a year at training camp in the North of the country. There are eight agents in the patrol (although not all are player characters) and they are lead by one of the more senior agents. They have been assigned to Camp Albany in the Southern Border region. This is their story...

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