The Theocracy's History

One of the major subjects taught to children at school is the history of the Theocracy of Daprav. There was a time in the past where greed ruled everywhere and people were allowed to starve and die while others accumulated excessive wealth. The Church preached a message of land reform and wealth re-distribution and was repressed for it by the King.

The main Church presence was in Templeton, which became the centre of a revolution to redress the balance and bring the corruption and greed to an end. The hold of the Church radiated out from Templeton and grew in strength as those that the King and Nobles had dispossessed and abandoned flocked to the Church banners and fought for their freedom.

The major decisive battle of the revolution was fought near the garrison post at Narmaren. The Church Paladins lead by Sir Waldo held out against a force ten times their number for two days despite being surrounded. In the end the Paladins were reduced to less than a tenth of their original number and all around them were strewn the dead of the King's men. Just as it looked like the Sir Waldo's Paladins would be overwhelmed and defeated the main Church Army turned up to engage the King's forces. The story is immortalised in the famous ballad “The Last Stand of Sir Waldo's Paladins”.

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