The Theocracy of Daprav

The Theocracy of Daprav is a human state run by its priesthood. The country is mostly farmland and is very fertile. Most of the population lives in small villages which can be found every three to five miles or so. There are small towns every twenty to thirty miles which act as administrative centres for the surrounding villages.

All administration is done by clerics and the church employs a large number of people in a variety of roles. There is some private enterprise but this is limited as the economy doesn't use cash. Instead each person has a resource allocation some of which they can use to exchange for goods or services. Everyone carries an ID chit which allows them to access Church run stores to replace lost/damaged equipment and to get accommodation for the night when they are travelling.

As one would expect in a well run economy like that of Daprav, vagrants and poor people are non-existent. Everyone is well looked after (and in times of dearth the priests use their miracles to feed everyone).

One of the most popular recreational activities is playing Stoolball which is a fast-paced contact sport played by teams of seven paddle-wielding sportsmen. It can get quite violent, although injuries are healed by magic during the game.

Mage magic is frowned upon and the people would shun anyone that tries to use it. That's assuming that they could tell the difference between it and a God-given miracle. None of the PCs has ever come into contact with a mage or sorceror.

The Northern border has nomad barbarians, but this is nothing compared to the depredations of the bandits in the south. It is necessary to station troops in the south to deal with the bandits, which isn't necessary in the North. Outlanders are rare in the state and are usually confined to enclaves in the major towns where all trade is conducted. Those that manage to penetrate into the interior tend to be escorted firmly back to where they belong.

The PCs come from the coastal districts to the North of the Theocracy. So far none of them have had any direct contact with outlanders.

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