Lord Bailey

A leading figure in the Imperium's cultural life, Lord Bailey has had a rich and distinguished career in broadcasting, journalism, the arts and public service.


Born into an aristocratic family Lord Stephen William Fortnum Bailey was the fourth son of a Baron. He attended the exclusive Lunar Academy where he excelled in rhetoric and debate. After school he went to Triton as an officer candidate and qualified as a pacifier pilot. He then served as a junior officer in the Earth Navy from 3164 to 3170 and received an award for meritorious conduct whilst serving on board ESS Ark Royal during a reactor leak incident.

From 3170 to 3182, Lord Bailey worked as host, writer and producer of several influential programs on Tri-D for the Disney Corporation, including Take Thirty and the Fifth Estate. A noted writer, he also contributed numerous articles to major news media and magazines in the Imperium and wrote three books ('The Imperium', 'Friends in High Places', and 'The Babylon Scandal'). He has also written and directed several films. His work in the media has garnered dozens of Tri-D awards.

Entry into Politics

He received a peerage in the new year honours list released on 3183.001 which prompted him to start a career in politics in his own right as part of the Imperial Party. In 3183 he also assumed responsibilities as Executive Producer, Host and Writer for the program 'Lord Bailey Presents' for a period of 11 years in tandem with his political career. The program is famous for presenting the arguments for and against current legislation in an accessible fashion for the popular audience.

During the Ghandi Government he became a Junior Minister and was responsible for sponsoring the Bill to introduce mandatory identification chips on non-perfect children. He held this post from 3194-5. Following the change of Government in 3196 he was appointed Governor of Quadrant 5. He was recalled after the elections of 3201 and served as the Minister for Colonial Affairs in the Zhang Government.

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