Skyss - Story Background

This is a web version of the notebook that has the background to my fantasy novel Fierce (released 1 May 2024). You can read the first chapter on my blog 'Fierce Ch.1 - Straven', which is a medium-level fantasy story set in a world of my own creation. It's influenced by everything I've ever read, and loosely based on a Norse 10th/11th century blending with some ancient Roman, although the ships are more like 17th/18th century. Skyss is the northern state the main characters come from, but there is a whole world and other states exist, some of which will be linked to here.

NB this is a work in progress and is a means for me to be able to remind myself what I've written so that I stay consistent. Feel free to re-use the material in your own stories (with attribution, and not commercially without permission). If you have comments or observations I would love to hear them, you can contact me via my blog or email james @ that domain.

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