Bounce Into Action: Rules for Company Sized actions

This is a provisional title for a series of games set in Jim Wallman’s universe for medium to small actions involving infantry, vehicles, air and space assets.

Its lineage is partly from On The Bounce but it probably owes more to a combination of Plan A and Starship Soldier all of which were written by Jim Wallman.


Most of the design work has been by James Kemp, with significant input from Jim Wallman on how the Universe works and also on streamlining it a bit. Initial play testing by the Full Moon crew of Richard Hands, Peter Howland, James Kemp, Tom Mouat, Mukul Patel, John Rutherford & Jim Wallman.

All errors to be blamed on James Kemp.

Design Criteria

  • quick battles (about two hours playing time to a decisive finish)
  • it should cope with orbital and air activity in support of the ground action
  • it should cope with things too big for ‘Starship Soldier’ and too small for ‘Plan A’ in a way broadly consistent with both rulesets
  • logistics and morale should have an appropriate impact
  • it needs to support a campaign approach as typified in the Full Moon IFU campaign
  • capable of playing with multiple players on each side (min two each)

Level of Resolution

This should be two-down from the main action level. The size of action that we are most likely to play with these rules might have an infantry company of up to 100 supported by up to eight tanks. On the air front there are only likely to be two or three combat capable craft on each side with perhaps one side having some shuttles to conduct a landing from orbit.

Get the Rules

  • The playsheet as a PDF - all you really need to play
  • The full rules (all 15 pages so far) also as a PDF
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