Scouting Games

Since Alexander has started with the local Beaver colony (5th Reigate, based in Merstham) I have been helping as an assistant leader (going under the nom de guerre 'Hawkeye'). These are the write-ups of some of the games that I have either played with the Beavers, or which I remember from my teenage years when I was an adult instructor with the 1st Glen Lusset's cubs and scouts.

Relay Races

One of the primary sorts of games are relay races with the beavers/cubs/scouts split into even sized groups.

  • crackers - needs cream crackers and balloons (one per participant)
  • penguins - needs one bean bag per team
  • centipede - no props required

Circle Games

As the title suggests, games where the beavers/cubs/scouts sit in a circle.

Other Games

Some other games, not involving racing within teams.

  • Kim's Game - an old classic from Kipling, needs about a dozen random objects and a cloth to cover them up
  • sweeties - needs dolly mixtures or similar sweets
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