The Nobles of Dael Riata

There are fourteen families that are Dukes or Earls of Dael Riata. Some of these are older than others, and you can usually tell the off-shoot families by their red stripes on the main colour shields from their older lines.

Ranald, Grand Dukes of Reoch & Kings of Dael Riata Gilranald, Earls of Norpen Ahearn, Earls of Suddal Giluilleam, Earls of Dalry
fretty vert or below a stag's head proper a tower triple towered celestial azure shown smaller vert bend sanguine a seagull argent volant in chief a tower triple towered celestial azure in base point Maily tenne and argent a horse rampant sable hooved sanguine annuletty azure and argent a chevron sanguine a boar's head proper dexter
Gilcinead, Earls of Craigmuir Aonghus, Earls of Beatham Riata, Dukes of Glasholm Gilriata, Earls of Dalcot
per saltire or and gules below one martlett orange volante shown smaller a tree proper Per-pale double arched estoilly purpure and argent and estoilly argent and purpure a saltire parted and fretty murrey three torques or. Per-saltire celestial azure purpure. a claymore inverted proper in fess a ducal crown proper in base point Per-saltire sanguine celestial azure a claymore inverted proper in fess
Sithech, Earls of Aifric Suibhne, Earls of Douglas Sioltach, Earls of Duff Gilruary, Earls of Dalmuir
Paly carnation and vert per saltire counterchanged a wolf tenne langued gules. Papelony sable argent, in chief throughout five apples Or. Fesse azure a galley sanguine Per bend sinister indented Vert and Lozengy Or and Gules,  a unicorn statant argent. Azure seme de ships proper sails bisque fimbriated argent an anchor sanguine
Murchadh, Earls of Uisdean Alpins, Earls of Ardmor
Maily or and sable a ship sable sails bisque pily argent and vert. below a cloud argent A mountain proper shown larger

All the shields above have been drawn using which as well as having useful reference material on creating blazons using proper heraldic terms, also draws them.

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