Murder! - Part 2

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The patrol go to the main Watch House and report that they have some information about the previous night's murder.

They are shown in to see Sergeant Harrison who is in charge of the investigation to catch the murderer. Harrison is in his 40s and is quite fit looking with very short iron grey hair. At the point when they enter his room he is sitting at his desk eating breakfast, a pastry, and drinking coffee. There is a cigar that has gone out in an ash-tray on his desk. The room is about 15 feet on each side with a window looking out on the city. There is the desk, a meeting table, half a dozen chairs a couple of cupboards and a filing cabinet. On every available surface there are piles and piles of papers, including on the floor. Many of them are in battered cardboard folders, some held together with linen tape others relying on the weight of the files above them to keep them closed.

Harrison isn't particularly friendly and quizzes them about why they have appeared in his office. Gregory explains that they were witnesses, almost, to a murder the previous evening. Harrison softens and asks them what they know. Gregory tells the story. Once he has finished Harrison tells them that this is not the first murder, in fact it is the seventh in the last eighteen months and that the Watch, specifically Harrison, has no idea who is behind them.

The patrol offer to help Harrison by looking over the evidence he has so far just in case thy can spot any links. Harrison sneers slightly but gestures to one of the piles of papers and says that they are welcome to read through, but that they mustn't remove any of it from the building. Melody gave Sgt Harrison the original footprint after copying it.

From the papers it becomes apparent that all the murders were committed on foogy nights. The shortest time lapse between the murders is 3 weeks and the longest 6 months. None of the murders took place within three days either side of a Full Moon. All the victims were non-native sailors, none were robbed and all had their larynx ripped out. Two of them were found with their trousers round their ankles. All were on the waterfront and slightly off the main thoroughfare. They were all from different ships.

After gathering this information from the files the group went to the library to check the weather records. Fog is prevalent in the Spring & Autumn with occasional fogs in winter. The previous night's fog was unusually late, the previous murder had been eight weeks earlier. There had been four foggy nights since then, two immediately following the murder and one on the Full Moon. The last being the night before.

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