Scouting the outlying sectors

The following is the current state of scouting (3216.300) - assume logs GREEN unless otherwise stated (it is assumed that cargo vessels such as a C5S can self-support for some time):

  • AF - MSN (ST3): 2C5A-S, 1SCI, 1C5 (Logs) IEN (AF Scouts): 5C5-S (logs self-support)
  • AG - MSN (ST1,ST2,ST4): 6C5A-S, 3SCI, 3C5 (Logs)
  • AH - RNV (TFS5+6): 6SCI, 2C5-S (logs part-time) GFA (15th Scout Fleet): 12C1-S, 1LSSI (logs)
  • AI - RNV (TFS7+8): 6SCI, 2C5-S (logs part-time), RWN: 3DDI
  • AJ - MSN (ST8): 2C5A-S, 1SCI, 1C5 (Logs) IEN (AJ Scouts): 5C5-S (logs self-support)
  • BF - IEN (BF Scouts): 5C5-S (logs self-support)
  • BJ - IEN (BJ Scouts): 4C5-S (logs self-support) FWAN: 8C1AS, 1CLI, C5 (logs)
  • CF - IEN (CF Scouts): 5C5-S (logs self-support) RWN/UXN : 1CVXI (logs self-support)
  • CJ - MSN (ST10): 2C5A-S, 1SCI, 1C5 (Logs) UXN (18th Watch(I)): 1DDI, 2SCI, 1AMI (logs POOR) LONAW: 1AMI, 2C5A (logs self-support)
  • DF - RNV (TFS2): 3SCI, 1C5-S (logs POOR) UXN (Issachar Scouts): 3SCI, 1AMI (logs POOR)
  • DJ - UXN (Issachar Scouts): 6SCI, 2AMI (logs POOR)
  • EF - GFA: 8th Scout Fleet 12C1-S, 1LSSI (logs)
  • EG - GFA: 7th Scout Fleet 12C1-S, 1LSSI (logs) MPS (Scout Fleet 6): 6DDI, SSI, 2LSSI (logs GREEN)
  • EH - GFA: 6th Scout Fleet 12C1-S, 1LSSI (logs) RNV (TFS1): 3SCI, 1C5-S (logs POOR)
  • EI - GFA: 5th Scout Fleet 12C1-S, 1LSSI (logs) NRN: 1CLI, 1DDI, 1AMI (logs POOR)
  • EJ - GFA: 4th Scout Fleet 12C1-S, 1LSSI (logs) RNV (TFS3): 3SCI, 1C5-S (logs POOR)

Each sector requires at least 8 scouting vessels to visit all inhabitable systems once every 4 octants. This permits the detection of a significant base (JIM0000 “Pretty much any ship will detect an Exterminator construction base because it is big and doing hi-visibility things like strip-mining resources”). For smaller objects, the spotting rules in the rulebook are relevant. These vessels require Logs support if they are to maintain their patrols indefinitely.


During the Exterminator War, Humanity agreed to start a program of scouting the “eastern” sectors; DF, DJ, EF, EG, EH, EI and EJ. Details of these efforts, AT A POINT IN THE PAST, can be found at Martyn Pott's IISS page (the NSC, ESC and SSC links). At the inter-polity summit at NEW MARS in 3211, it was agreed that this program be extended to all adjacent sectors as it was appreciated that an enemy could come from any direction.

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