Hostile Exterminator Builder (HEB) space

From an examination of destroyed Exterminator brains it was deduced that these implacable machine destroyers originated from approximately 5 hyperyears distance. The larger Human polities in conference agreed that the war must be taken to where it was believed these machines had been constructed and the enemy defeated.

Mission Forces

Force Compositions compiled from current known commitments.

Command Profile

As agreed at Summit, the mission plan was purposely set at a high level, being overall guidance rather than detail. It was noted that it would be impossible to micro-manage at such a distance. Therefore, the structure of the command organisation was specified, but it is up to that structure to decide how to use the resources sent. (And up to them whether they want to follow our suggested command structure.)

Long Range Reconnaissance Group

Coordination: by Solar Republic and Empire

Mission Statement: To provide further details of the putative HEB worlds, including assessments of economic and military capabilities for long range planning purposes. Outline plan: establish a science colony with supporting scouts and survey vessels as a forward operating base (FOB) located 0.5HY (200 days transit) from HEB Central.

Reconnaissance Resources

First arrival

Initial order to scout for a viable system for Science Colony / LRDG Forward Operating Base (FOB), then survey for potential S&B worlds

  • SSXI Strangeness (RNV) Arrived round 3210.106 and messages received successfully from 3212.304

Second arrival

Recce HEB worlds - all arived 3211.001 and commenced recce of HEB space

  • SSXI Uranus (SRE)
  • SSXI Orcus (SRE)
  • SCI Gefjon (MSN)
  • SCI Bishojo (RNV)
  • LSSI Ejura (RNV) - providing logistic support to scouts

Reports received are summarised as “The Hostile Exterminator Builder (HEB) civilisation covers an extant of around 100 occupied systems. Of these only 20 have any significant technological artifacts and could be regarded as 'developed' systems, and they are spread across an 80 parsec diameter disc - more widely spread than an equivalent human civilisation would be. There are two large settlements near the centre of the spread which appear to be major/home worlds. Fastball reconaissance passes showed ship types whose external appearance and drive signatures seem to correlate closely with known Roach ship signatures, and the hypothesis that the HEBs and the Roaches are one and the same seems to be confirmed to about 90% probability.

Third arrival

Provide additional survey resources as required

  • 2 x SCI (RNV) Arrived around 3212.101
LRDG Operational Orders

Putative modus-operandum, subject to change in the light of local conditions:

Phase One - First SSXI identified site for FOB.

Phase Two - Two SSXI conducted maximum stealth M25 surveillance of the two Key HEB Systems, monitoring any broadcasts and in-system burns. Initial surveillance for 100 days. These will be reported back to the FOB. Phase one reporting should therefore be back with the FOB at 3212.001.

Phase Three -

  • 3212.001 Two SCI were detached to replace the SSXI at the KHEB Systems (eta 3212.200). These two SCI remain on station on a rolling schedule by further vessels as they become available.
  • 3212.001 Two further SCI started conducting crawling recce inwards from the FOB spending 200 days on the M25 of each system to build up a data picture.

Phase Four - 3212.200 The two SSXI are being utilised for ad-hoc recce and surveillance.

Phase Five Beyond this initial start up tasking the local on scene commander was ordered to conduct the operation as he deems most productive (and always ensuring the security of the colony) but the following were considered advisory objectives. Priority One FOB Security Priority Two Data on HEBs Broadcast Signals analysis Traffic Analysis – based on burns Economic Estimates System Astrographical Structure

LRRG Supply Train

30 logs per year (= 1 rohlbahn of 10 LSSI equivalents at 5 HY) are required in a continuing resupply chain to support a Scientific colony. The RVN Ejura then distributes supplies locally to the scouting vessels.

Currently only 6 LSSI equivalents have been assigned, so the effort is operating below optimal efficiency:

  • LSSI Yakutia (MSN) Arrived on first supply run 3211.001 and returned to NEW MARS 3216.050. Replaced by 2 x C5
  • LSSI Telios (MSN) Arrived on first supply run 3211.001 and returned to NEW MARS 3216.150. Replaced by 2 x C5
  • LSSI Helm (MSN) Arrived on first supply run 3211.001 and returned to NEW MARS 3216.250. Replaced by 2 x C5
  • LSSI Xingu (SRE) Arrived on first supply run 3212.001 and now on return
  • LSSI Yamana (SRE) Arrived on first supply run 3213.001 and now on return
  • LSSI Hanukkah (UoXN) Arrived on first supply run 3214.001 and now on return

Scientific Colony Establishment

Working in conjunction with the LRRG, the SRE has established a scientific base.

  • CSSI Brue (SRE) Arrived 3211.018
  • CSSI Clare (SRE) Arrived 3211.018
  • SCICOL (SRE) Arrived 3211.018

Full establishment of base completed by 3212.005 (5SV long term costs paid by SRE). Role is to evaluate local conditions and coordinate and aggregate intelligence.

The SCICOL shares logistical support with LRRG.

Colonial Outpost Establishment Group

Coordination: by Republic of New Venus

Mission Statement: To establish colonies near to the HEB homeworlds from which to develop a military capability.

Outline plan: establish three colonies (HAVEN, GOLD and JUNO) with semi-automated shipyards.

Operational Outpost HAVEN system (founded 3215.001)

Wolfer settlement

Reinforced by 1 CSSI per year

Starting to assemble a semi-automatic manufactory using components provided by local RNV colony.

Operational Outpost GOLD system (founded 3215.001)

Venerian Settlement

Reinforced by 1 CSSI per year

Operational semi-automatic manufactory x3

  • 6 DB (Drone Battleship)

Operational Outpost JUNO system (founded 3217.001)

Venerian Settlement

Reinforced by 1 CSSI per year

Venerian Local Interstellar Fleet

  • 3 AMI
  • 2 MDSI

Venerian Interstellar Logistics Train

As at 3216, the RNV has 3 LSSI (one per year) in a logistics train to support GOLD and JUNO. This will be extended by 1 per year until a full train of 10 has been reached.

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