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Odyssey Mission

3201 - ESS Odyssey returned from the centre of the Galaxy. Evidence of another sentient civilisation in the Galaxy was confirmed.

Operation Boldly Go

Operation Boldly Go was a pan-human operation to explore the centre of the universe and in particular to find the source of the transmissions detected on the Odyssey mission.

A multi-polity joint mission to investigate possible alien transmissions originating some 2HY (around 2,500 lightyears) away was despatched on new years day 3203.

As the ships approached the operational area they monitored the transmissions as they dropped out of hyperspace for navigational purposes, and sent back interim reports indicating that all was well with them so far.

The original transmissions clearly were of a broadcast nature and as we know the first transmission recorded in human space were at least 2,500 years old, possibly much older at the time they were positively verified.

As the Boldly Go mission has closed the range the composition of the transmissions gradually changed and their intensity reduced. They became harder to detect and mostly in the microwave frequency range, indicating the use of tight beams for communications. Wide-band broadcast transmissions pretty much died out about 1,500 light years out.

On arrival in the vicinity of their destination, the Boldly Go team identified an alien civilisation. See the Progress Reports for more details.

The team returned intact to Human space and arrived back at SOL on 3208.265.

Operation Second Sight

Operation Second Sight is a follow-up mission to the Boldy Go civilisation, launched by the Republic of New Venus and including some invited MAFC scientists. The MAFC is also supplying SV support to this mission.

The RNV sent two SSXI Interstellar Survey Vessels. The first arrived 3206.201 and exchanged some personnel with the Boldly Go mission. It was due to begin the return journey on 3211.181. By that time the second SSXI should be on station to replace it, this being due to have arrived around 3211.150.

Data from the mission is being passed to the Venerian Institute for Alien Studies (VIAS) in the first instance.

During this time, human visitors (in AMI) have been observed.

Operation Third Kind

Operation Third Kind is a Venerian follow-up mission.

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