Dalreoch is the capital of Dael Riata.


They are in the story

  • First appears - it is the setting for the short story called 'Wedding Party', and possibly intended to form part of the setting for a 'Heirs' story.


Dalreoch is a not quite coastal city, on the river estuary of the River Reoch it was built on a rocky outcrop in the delta. Given the violent nature of Daelian history Dalreoch has multiple curtain walls around the King's Keep, the old town, the merchant city, and an outer bailey. Over the main channel from the dock is a forest actively managed for building ships. Several shipyards line one of the channels, known as 'the yards'.

There is a well established university on an island between the 'College Stream' and the Main Channel. Many of the nobles of Dael Riata have been educated there, and the 'Library Annex' is one of Dalreoch's notable taverns, famed for the quality of its wines - most of which are imported from southern cottalem through the university's ancient links with the University of Dacidade.



Notable people


There are several notable taverns in Dalreoch, the most famous of which are:

  • The King's Head - the oldest site of a tavern, but was used as a courthouse and prison during the time of Alasdair I.
  • The Library Annex
  • The Troll's Head - featuring an actual Troll Head on a pike above the main door
  • The Drum - notable for the frequent brawls
  • The Sore Heid - frequented by the Guild of Physicians
  • New Bridge Inn - one of the older continuously open taverns in Dalreoch, although not the oldest location of a tavern.
  • The Outside Inn - the second oldest tavern, just outside the Old West Gate.
  • The Wonky Wheel - just inside the Merchant's Gate.
  • The Bag O' Nails - on the Merchant's Road between the walls of the Merchant City and the Outer Bailey of Dalreoch.
  • The Full Purse - next to the Exchange in the centre of the Merchant City, famed for some of the excessive drinking when successful deals have been done.
  • The Bunch O' Grapes - just inside the Old North Gate, and a popular spot with the Barber Surgeons Guild.
  • The Water Gate - the only tavern in Dalreoch to have its own gate and jetty, rumoured to have been involved in smuggling into and out of the city at times. It is run by Aodh MacAodh an infamous character. A favoured haunt of the gilruary clan when they're in the city. Often one of their ships can be seen moored against the wall.
  • The Drovers' Rest - technically neither a tavern nor in the city, it lies over the river to the East on the road to the cattle market. However it hosts a lot of visiting drovers, and makes a convenient spot for those looking for cheaper accommodation.
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