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Relay Races

All these games are based on teams racing against each other.


Props: Cream Crackers & balloons (1 per participant)

Time: Likely to take several minutes, beavers aren't great at blowing up balloons

Instructions: In turn the players run to a plate at the far end of the hall. On the plate is a stack of crackers and some balloons. They each eat one cracker, followed by blowing up the balloon and bursting it before racing back to their team for the next player to go.

Comments: Beavers aren't great at blowing up balloons, or eating the crackers. So halving the crackers helps speed up that part of the game. Blowing up the balloons a couple of times on a pump beforehand also helps make it easier for them to blow the balloons up. Failing that station a parent or adult helper next to each plate to help out if required.


Props: A bean bag per team (as the egg)

Time: Fairly quick

Instructions: Each team must race to the other end of the hall and back while balancing the bean bag on their feet (in the style of the emperor penguin dads carrying their eggs).

Comments: This is based on the emperor penguins where the fathers carry an egg on their feet while they incubating to stop them freezing on the ice. So you could add some flavour by explaining this to your beavers/cubs/scouts.


Props: none.

Time: Fairly quick.

Instructions: The whole team need to race to the far end of the hall. They do this by kneeling down with their heads tucked in just behind the feet of the beaver in front. The last beaver in line then straddles the others and moves to the front where they tuck themself in as before. Then the next beaver goes.

Comments: It probably helps if the beavers shout something when they get to the front so that the last beaver knows that it is their turn.

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