Advance Recce Report

[ OOC - At last evening's Full Moon, Mukul volunteered(?) to be Contract Director. He appointed L.M-D as 2IC, Tony S as 3IC and Masumi as QM (that is, Richard did the bean counting). I'll let them report their stuff, but L.M-D's first task was to lead a team of four on an incognito recce of Spuk. The Recce Team was L.M-D, Melanie May, Gillian Sameria and Hiro Nakamura. The team took a commercial flight to Spuk and arrived some 4(?) days before the main party. Oh yeah, and note that Buck Fast Foods is Frank Buck's own company; see Frank's IFU biog. Now read on … ]

To Contract Director Parker, IFU (en route to Spuk)

CC IFU Directors

From Leon Mack-Duff, Recce Team Leader (Allington, Spuk)

Date 3206.320

Recce Team landed at River City 3206.315. Team investigated at River City, then moved on to the settlement at Happy Valley Farm, and finally to Alington [the settlement due south of, and up river from, Happy Valley Farm, at the river junction and forest edge]. Summary of intelligence gained:

  • BFF's megadon ranch is some 20km east from Happy Valley Farm. The two companies suspected of rustling the Buck Fast Foods' megadons are: Mega Mac Co, based in River City, and King Don Inc of Alington.
  • Mega Mac have offices and depot, including cold store, to the south east side of River City; circa 40 employees incl. 10 HMA hunters, plus tracked APCs, all terrain and refrigerated trucks, mobile cranes etc. They supply approx. one third of meat for River City. Chief Exec. is ex Centauran GF lieutenant.
  • Allington has population of 8,000. King Don have offices and depot, including cold store, to the south east of Allington toward the forest, and a hunting lodge 150km east of Allington against the forest. King Don have circa 40 employees incl. 12 HMA hunters, plus 4 tracked APCs, all terrain and refrigerated trucks, mobile cranes etc. Chief Exec and hunters are ex UoX GF and did national service together. (detailed staff list)
  • Hiro found that on each occasion BFF megadons were rustled, King Don experienced an increase in meat supply; this is not true of Mega Mac. We drew the obvious inference.
  • Further investigation, including questioning a King Don truck driver, disclosed that a KDI APC was brought in by their own recovery truck for repair at 3rd party garage in Allington, 38 hours after the BFF breeding group was stolen. Damage was reported as due to crashing through megadon fencing!
  • Recce Team focussed investigation on KDI, and hiding place for the BFF megadon breeding group. Note the rivers [ as marked on the map ] are navigable by large barges and thus not fordable by megadons. Therefore the BFF breeding group are almost certainly east of the Happy Valley river. However, the breeders have not been located to date.

Further reconnaissance by flyer to be undertaken when IFU main body arrives.


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