Buck Fast Foods has established a corporate megadon ranch on the surface of the main colonised world in Spuk, Q8. The ranch sits in the plains area between the two major settlements and is intended to service the colony on the planet with fresh megadon meat as well as providing export potential.

BFF don't have the monopoly on meat from the colony but they are the only corporation to have established a farm, the other companies engaged in meat production all hunt wild megadons (normal practice in newly established colonies, very low set up costs compared to farming and you need not do it constantly). Over the year and a half since the farm was set up (well outside normal hunting areas for wild megadons) there have been consistent low level losses of megadons (profit loss on a mature megadon is in the region of 4000cr per animal). This in itself is not disastrous, there is room in the business plan for some losses due to accidents, sickness and animals wandering off. However the rate of loss has increased over the last year to around four animals per octant.

More importantly a valuable breeding group has recently gone missing (one male and three mature females - the potential income from this group if most of the eggs are grown to maturity is over 100,000cr per octant, although this assumes an integrated farming approach with a high hatching and survival rate, it is unlikely anyone who is not a specialist megadon farmer could make this sort of return).

It is clear that there is a group of megadon rustlers at work and the corporation thinks it knows who they are. However because the colony is so recently established there is not yet a local police force able to take action.

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