Bounce Into Action: Orders

Issue Orders

Every unit must have a set of orders to carry out. These should not usually change every game turn. They should also have a posture which may well change from turn to turn as they carry out the orders.

Orders can be changed only by a senior officer. So a platoon commander needs to be given orders by their own Company Commander and they in turn must give orders to their section commanders that are in line with the orders that they have been given.

Orders are likely to be of the flavour “Seize and hold the bridge at Grid 648382”


Within the orders framework each of the stands controlled by a player must be given a general posture that determines how it will attempt to carry out the orders.

Posture Explanation
Advance to Contact Unit will advance tactically onto the nominated position even if fired upon by the enemy, they will close assault any enemy unit that they come into contact with
Advance Unit will advance tactically onto the nominated position or until they come under effective enemy fire. They will return fire or engage any spotted enemy in a firefight at medium range.
Travel Unit will move non-tactically to a specified point. Likely to retire disordered if fired upon.
Dig in Unit will prepare their current position for better defence, including marking up arcs of fire, registering likely indirect fire targets as well as digging themselves in.
Defend Unit will wait until enemy are at medium range or they are taking effective fire before engaging in the suppressive fire phase.
Delay Unit will open fire at long range in the suppressive fire phase and retire in good order facing the enemy to their next position when they start to take casualties
Observe Unit will not open fire on the enemy unless directly engaged. May call in indirect fire and may return fire to cover a withdrawal in the suppressive fire phase.
Fire Support Unit will attempt to provide suppressive fire to support another friendly unit
Re-org Unit will re-organise itself following a close assault tending to casualties, ammo etc.
Embark/Disembark Troops will get on/off a vehicle that can carry them.
Transport A vehicle or aircraft will move its cargo to a specified location tactically (to move non-tactically use 'Travel' as the posture)
Land An aircraft will land on the ground.
Ground Attack An aircraft will attempt to attack a ground target
Air Defence An aircraft or Air Defence system will attempt to attack air targets
Orbital a Shuttle or Pacifier will return to orbital mode
Planetary a Shuttle or Pacifier will descend from orbital mode
Launch An aircraft takes off or is launched from an orbital or starship

declare Air Defence targets

All units with an 'Air Defence' posture must declare either a specific aircraft that they wish to target or a ground unit that they wish to cover.

declare Air to Surface targets

All units with a 'Ground Attack' posture must show which ground units they wish to target with their weapons and their route to the weapons release point.

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