George Gordon, 1st Duke of Gordon

Offices Held

  • Constable of Edinburgh Castle


  • a very fine gentleman, well bred and educated
  • physically and morally courageous, but tends to vacillate when course of action unclear


  • Roman Catholic by birth, but thinks very little of revealed religion


Born 1642. Has performed military service with the French and Prince William of Orange before returning to Scotland. Although unassuming and unambitious he has risen from being the Marquis of Huntly to a Dukedom (in 1684 on Claverhouse's recommendation).

He has several times attempted to resign as the Governor of Edinburgh Castle as he does not relish the intrigues and conflicts of Scottish politics. His preference would be to retire to the continent where he could live his life in peace.

He had been on the point of surrendering the castle in February when Viscount John Graham of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount Dundee and Balcarres discovered him in the process of removing his personal belongings and furniture from the castle. They persuaded him to stay until he had word from King James VII.


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