Ute Dietrich

Ute is a relative newcomer to the The Golden Gate.

She came in with a friend looking a bit younger than her declared 21 but still looking old enough to be legal (about 18 or 19 you reckoned). She didn't have proper papers and obviously had lacked some education but was very pretty and pretty cheery, and more to the point keen to do just about anything for some decent money.

On the doctor's standard monthly check-up she was physically fine but looked baffled when quizzed about her last menstrual cycle and had no idea about periods. Even when the doctor explained it to her she really didn't understand what he was on about. It would be late development but in the circumstances of poor diet etc prevailing it isn't that unusual that you would be worried about it overly, provided when she does get a decent diet (which she has for the last fortnight she has been working for you) then you would expect it to normalise.

The other thing that you managed to find out through Betty (the closest thing you have to a madam) is that on the night when it was alleged that she ran through the door she was pretty spooked and Betty had spoken to her afterwards. The reason she had left the main room alone was that she had seen a man that she had stayed with for a bit with whom she had fallen out, naturally she didn't want to draw his attention.

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