Discoveries in the Basement

As well as the Tunnels a number of crates dating from the end of the war were found in the basement. These crates were all labelled up as containing blankets and on first inspection they did indeed all have blankets in them when the lids were opened.

However under the layer of blankets were a number of other things. There are a total of 21 crates with the following contents:

  • 2 crates with documents in them
  • 2 crates of statuettes
  • 1 crate of small arms
  • 1 crate panzerfausts
  • 6 crates of blue tiled masonry
  • 2 crates of gold bars
  • 8 crates of blankets

In the crates were a lot of documents that appeared to have belonged to an SS 'research' organisation that had, amongst other things, being looking at ritual magic. There were a number of photographs 1) which looked like they were of people being killed in a way that left the corpse in a similar state to the more recent murder victims.


involving SAN loss for those looking at them
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