Berlin 1953

On this page are some of the maps and photographs of Berlin that I have found in doing my background research for this game. All material that I have not created myself remains copyright of the original authors.

My (unfinished) Berlin Streetmap

This is an amalgalm of several maps drawn by me, what surprised me was the fact that I couldn't get any two of the maps to agree exactly on street lines. Anyway this is as far as I've got at the moment. If anyone wants a copy of the corel draw file that did this originally then let me know and I can mail it to you. My Berlin 1953 streetmap (unfinished)

Berlin 1945 Maps


This is the basis for the street mapping when I drew my original map.

Berlin 1945 map - basis for [[:dg:berlin:tunnels]] in the narrative

Buildings & Tunnels

There is also this one showing some of the main Nazi-era buildings which inspired the tunnel system in the part of the story where we went round the underground tunnels. It also helped with some of the building locations not shown on the other map.


Modern Berlin

This is a modern map of Berlin (from about 2000) showing the centre of Berlin which I also used for some street mapping. Largely I followed the earlier maps as I felt that there was bound to have been significant changes in streetnames and layouts between 1953 and when the map was drawn. The location of the Golden Gate would be just at the bottom middle of this section.

Modern Berlin streetmap

Berlin Underground

There is an excellent website with several maps of the Berlin underground railway from the immediate aftermath through to the 1960s when it was largely finished and expanded in its more or less current form. Here is the map that is current at the current point in the game. It is dated April 1953.

Berlin underground April 1953

Views of Berlin 1950

Another website provided some postcard views of Berlin in the summer of 1950. Here are those relevant to the game, although there are more on the web.

View from the Golden Gate (looking towards the Soviet zone)

Potsdammerplatz 1950

Brandenburg Gate

This is from the British zone looking towards the Soviet zone.

Brandenburg Gate 1950


This one gives some flavour of the propaganda as do the two posters below it (both posters are East German).

Reichstag 1950

East German Propaganda Posters

Our Five Year Plan

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that this one was a left over from the nazis. The woman looks like she is doing a hitler salute. However the rest of the pose is pure Soviet.

Our Five Year Plan

Soviet School Exchange

I'm afraid that my German isn't quite good enough to get this 1952 poster properly translated. If anyone can do the deed then do please give this bit a proper title and explanation. I think it is exhorting the best German youths to go to the Soviet Union for two school years to study there, but I could be wrong.


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